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Proposal for provision of model data to the PROMISE Users

1. Current climate scenarios

a. Climate integrations, minimum of 30 years, 1966-19951
b. ERA-40, 1957-2001
c. Seasonal prediction ensembles from DEMETER, 1987-2001 available by end 2001

1 To include overlap period with AMIP II.

2. Future climate scenarios

a. 2010-2039 to exploit land use change scenarios
b. 2040-2069 for CO2 induced climate change2

2Do we need to agree which CO2 scenario should be used?

3. Minimum model output

Based on that proposed by DEMETER and taking into account the need of the water resource and crop modelling groups. Symbols and units are as used in AMIP II standard output. (NB. Units3 may differ slightly from those used in DEMETER and the GRIB archive.)

3.1 Output every 24 hours at 00Z:

3.1.1 Pressure level (850, 500, 200hPa) data (instantaneous):

Zonal wind m/s ua
Meridional wind m/s va
Temperature K ta
Specific humidity kg/kg hus
Geopotential height3 m zg

3.1.2 Single level (instantaneous):

2m temperature maximum K tasmax
2m temperature minimum K tasmin
Total soil moisture kg/m2 mrso
Snow depth (water equivalent) kg/m2 snw
Surface (skin/ground) temperature K ts
Mean sea level pressure N/m2 psl

3.1.3 Single level (averaged over previous 24 hours):

Total precipitation rate3 kg/(m2s) pr
Downward surface solar radiation3 W/m2 rsds
Downward surface longwave radiation3 W/m2 rlds
Net surface solar radiation3 W/m2 rsns
Net surface longwave radiation3 W/m2 rlns
TOA outgoing longwave radiation3 W/m2 rlut
TOA net solar radiation3 W/m2 rsnt

3.2 Output every 6 hours at 00, 06, 12, 18Z:

3.2.1 Single level (instantaneous):

Total cloud amount3 % clt
10m zonal wind m/s uas
10m meridional wind m/s vas
2m temperature K tas
2m specific humidity kg/kg huss

3DEMETER archive uses geopotential (m2/s2), accumulated total precipitation (m), accumulated (not averaged) fluxes (Ws/m2), fractional cloud amount (0-1).

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