From May 1987 to May 1990 UGAMP was a NERC funded responsive mode funded project with Principal Investigators at the Universities of Reading (Core Group), Cambridge, Edinburgh, Imperial College and from RAL.

In May 1990 UGAMP became a NERC Community Rearch Programme, with Project Scientists and part of a distributed Central Unit based at Reading and a wider involvement of the University community.

NERC have now placed the leading and coordinating role of Reading on a firmer footing by creating the Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling (CGAM). whose aim is to coordinate modelling developments and to pursue research fundamental to UGAMP.

Links have been established with NERC institutes, the UK Meteorological office (Hadley Centre) and ECMWF, with European groups through the EEC and with research groups worldwide through participation in model intercomparison projects.


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